I Am Simple. 

There’s not much to tell. I am a very simple girl who needs very little from the outside world. Give me a few pieces of paper and a pen and I’ll be completely content for the rest of the afternoon. I’ve always been that kind of girl. I could sit in my room for hours and hours just listening to music and writing. So, it’s no real surprise that 30 years later I’m still in love with words. They are my air. They mean so much to me and help me to create all kinds of writing. 

I’m a writer, a poet, a ranter and a feeler. Everything I see, smell, touch and hear finds a way into my heart and mind for better or worse. I’m inspired by the simple things around me and I write about them. Whether it be a poem about daffodils (my Brother’s favorite – ha ha), a blog post about how being kind or a short story about a Tiny Sword  that helps instill belief in possibilities – I write what I feel. I’m the kind of gal that would rather go walking along the ocean side than jet-setting to far and distant lands. I feel that inspiration can be found wherever you are and I’m lucky to have an abundance of it! 

I’m Jennie Camile, nice to meet you!

Since nearing the 40th year of my life, I have become even more introspective than I already was. As time gets shorter, you value each moment more than ever before. I’m so grateful to get older, not worried about that part one bit. Still, when taking stock of all the things I want to do in this life, I haven’t quite made my mark yet. I want to leave the world better than I found it and I am just beginning on that path. My life has been dictated by fear. Don’t get me wrong, every now and then I surprise myself and move through fear to achieve something, but usually what I’m achieving has been for external validation. My goal is to start living from a place of 100% authenticity where I act without fear of failing, where I speak honestly (and kindly) without fear of being looked down on and where I stand tall in the things I believe in.

In the spirit of tackling fear, for this last year of my 30s, I am going to conquer 40 fears that I have not yet faced. Some are really scary like riding a roller coaster, horseback riding or holding a snake (eek). Other fears are just about moving my ideas out into the world, starting a business or sewing myself an outfit. Some of these may sound simple or strange to be called “fears,” but each time I conquer a fear I will write the back story of why I have feared it. For each fear I check off the list my aim is to try and always provide proof that I have in fact seen this fear (that has been holding me back) through. Whether it be a video, picture or recording of some sort, it will be obvious I have kicked fear to the curb! I am so excited to have you come along on this journey with me. Onward…